Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wright’s New Neighborhood Only 1.92% Black

by Steve Gilbert - March 29th, 2008 -

It sure sounds awfully middle-class (or worse).

In fact, it would appear to be an outright rejection of Trinity’s famed "Black Value System"

This is one of two postings this day that show the hypocrisy of this hate America bigot and his black liberation theology.

The other article is
"Obama’s Former Pastor Getting $1.6M Home in Retirement" by Jeff Goldblatt.

With both Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama being among the wealthiest American's, their hate America agenda is even more contemptible. How can either be so well rewarded and there not be even a small amount of appreciation for the nation that makes this success possible?

Instead they espouse a religious and racist agenda that rejects the nation that makes their success possible. Where else could they become so rich by reviling the nation that makes their wealth possible, especially since they are not creating anything of wealth themselves. They are both simply pandering to the resentment and greed of those who reject America's opportunity.


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