Saturday, April 19, 2008

Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference
- Grassroots School

I attended this years John W. Pope Civitas Institute, Conservative Leadership Conference, as I was so impressed with the job that they did last year.

Here and here are links to my postings on last year's Conference.

This year's Conference was used to roll out the new Blueprint for North Carolina Series of policy statements. This is intended to cover the following issues:
Budget and Taxes
Healthcare and
Illegal Immigration

Opening event after Registration was the grassroots school on how to run the basic functions of a political campaign. Conservatives from both political parties were invited to attend this great primer on the fundamentals of campaigns.

Registration was well organized as is typical of these annual JWP Civitas events.

The Ledership Institute provided instructors for the day's classes on grassroots politics. Shown above is Bryan Bernys.

Ginny Cooper (second from right) is one of the NC House candidates who took advantage of the school.


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