Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dean Stephens Keynote Speaker At
- First District Convention

Saturday, April 12th, was an exciting day in First District politics for me. This was the day that I got to address the attendees at the District Convention. By default I am the the candidate representing the District in the race against our socialist opponent in the other party.

When I arrived at the Convention, I was met by two of the hardest working and sweetest ladies in our part of North Carolina. Cathy New and Kim Hendrix (shown below) were working registration and making sure things stayed organized. This convention was important, as it would determine delegates to both the State and National Convention. With the Presidential candidate being selected, this is an important role this year.

Another phenomenal worker is Lynda Blount, (below in center) shown here greeting Bill Fields, the Fred Smith represenative for our area. Lynda is one of the state campaign coordinatros for Elizabeth Dole, our great U.S. Senator.

The convention was a money maker for the candidates, and included a silent auction of some really great items that had been donated for that purpose.

It was good to see John Stallings (shown below on left), Chairman of the Bertie County Republican Party. Since I have been on the campaign trail, I almost never get to talk with John any more. Eddie Browning (across from John on the left), Chairman of the Washington County Republican Party was also there. In addition, Bob Steinburg (right behind John on the left side of the table), Chairman of the Chowan County Republican Party, was there. Bob is also the writer who has the column Conservative Viewpoint which has changed the dialog in so many newspapers in our area.

Another persona I have gotten to know well is Bobby Jones, Chairman of the Perquimans County Republican Party.

Bob Rector (shown below at podium), Chairman of the North Carolina First District Republican Party and Chairman of Granville County Republican Party, called the meeting to order. Beside him is one of our great local party officials, Mike Wilburt, Vice Chairman of First District and Chairman of Warren County.

The other two people shown at the head table for the convention are two of our great local candidates. Chris East (shown on left below) is Republican candidate for Second District NC House and Garland Shepheard (on right) is Republican candidate for Twentythird District NC House.

It was really great to address the convention, and afterwards I headed out for the Young Republican Convention on the same day in Greensboro. It was a little sad that I had to go to both places in the same day, as I would have liked to spend more time with the people at First District. It was a great convention and I hope everyone had as much fun as I had.


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