Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eggheads And Cheese Balls

by Maureen Dowd - April 16th, 2008 - New York Times

I’m not bitter.

I’m not writing this just because I grew up in a house with a gun, a strong Catholic faith, an immigrant father, brothers with anti-illegal immigrant sentiments and a passion for bowling. (My bowling trophy was one of my most cherished possessions.)

My family morphed from Kennedy Democrats into Reagan Republicans not because they were angry, but because they felt more comfortable with conservative values. Members of my clan sometimes were overly cloistered. But they weren’t bitter; they were bonding.

They went to church every Sunday because it was part of their identity, not because they needed a security blanket.

Behind closed doors in San Francisco, elitism’s epicenter, Barack Obama showed his elitism, attributing the emotional, spiritual and cultural values of working-class, “lunch pail” Pennsylvanians to economic woes.

Amazing. That is the only thing that I can say about this article. The angry Republican hating Maureen Dowd is trying to convince us that she is from a family of Reagan Republicans? And the purpose of this almost concession that Republicans are not evil people who eat children for dinner? Why its an attempt to explain why Hillary is better than Obama for the Democrat nomination.

Even Dowd recognizes that for Obama "his exclusive Hawaiian prep school and years in the Ivy League made him a charter member of the elite, along with the academic experts he loves to have in the room." It is not about money. It is about thinking you are better than people who you hold in contempt because you hate their patriotism. Obama does not love America. He just wants to rule America so he can fix its "problems".


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