Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Hospital They Just Couldn't Save

by Bruce Japsen - April 2, 2008 - Chicago Tribune

In a stunning development underscoring the plight of non-profit hospitals struggling with the increase in uninsured patients, the Catholic ownership of St. Francis Hospital & Health Center on Wednesday said it will shutter the hospital because nobody would buy it.

The religious order of nuns that oversees St. Louis-based SSM Health Care said it could not even give the hospital away to other health facilities "for free."

The significant issue covered in this article is that the facility has to ask the state for the "right" to close. It will be denied, I suspect. Democrats who control Illinois will never allow the slavery of medical professionals to be ended. Slavery you ask? What else do you call the demand that a politically defined minority that is disfavored provide services for free to those who are polically favored. When blacks were required by law to work for free they were slaves. When medical professionals are required by law to work for free, what would you call it?


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