Thursday, April 03, 2008

Judge Admits Mistake In Kicking Whites Out Of Court

by Staff - April 2nd, 2008 -

[Judge Marvin] Arrington, who is African-American, is a judge in Fulton County, Georgia, which includes the city of Atlanta.

He said he got fed up seeing a parade of young black defendants shuffle into his courtroom and decided to address them one day last week -- out of the earshot of white lawyers.

What is curious is that everyone is making excuses for these defendants. Jeremiah Wright, the Barack Obama Pastor who espouses black liberation theology, insists that it is not the fault of these defendants. Whites are responsisble for the acts of whites from 500 years ago, but blacks are not responsible for their own acts of today. I wonder whether the implied racism of this Judge's act means he agrees with Pastor Jeremiah Wright? If so, why does he lecture these defendants?

Race dialog in America is becoming bizarre.


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