Friday, February 20, 2009

EPA Expected To Act
In Regulating Carbon Dioxide

by John M. Broder - February 19th, 2009 - Herald Tribune

The environmental agency is under order from the Supreme Court to make a determination whether carbon dioxide is a pollutant that endangers public health and welfare, an order that the Bush administration essentially ignored despite near-unanimous belief among agency experts that research points inexorably to such a finding.

Note the reference to "agency experts" in the excerpt above. Unfortunately these people have a bias in favor of the enormous power such a ruling would give them to control the world. I am extremely wary of accepting the opinion of people who are the beneficiaries of a ruling telling me how great the ruling will be.

You are breathing out carbon dioxide this very moment. If it is a pollutant that endangers public health and welfare, then damnit I want you to stop harming the planet. If that is the law of the land, that you are breathing a pollutant, then it is reasonable to demand that you stop, isn't it? Stop breathing!

How about the opposite side of this debate. Agriculture and the growth of food is dramatically improved by higher carbon dioxide levels. If that is true, how can it endanger public health and welfare?

The premise that carbon dioxide is a pollutant is a scam and the consequences are going to be disastrous for our economy and for individual freedom.


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