Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama Wants To Halve Budget Deficit

by Liz Sidoti - February 21st, 2009 - Associated Press (Yahoo)

Barack Obama wants to cut the federal deficit in half by the end of his first term, mostly by scaling back Iraq war spending, raising taxes on the wealthiest and streamlining government, an administration official said Saturday as the president worked to finalize his first budget request.

Sure he does! We are all gullible enough to believe that. The Alinsky disciple, who makes it clear you must never let people guess what you really plan to do, who teaches that you should use deceit to hide your real plans, and who thinks that lying to gain democratic votes from gullible people who will be damaged by what you really plan but vote for you anyway, is telling us honestly what he plans to do years from now. Who would doubt his sincerity?

Plus, has anyone noticed that after his new stimulus bill is added, cutting the deficit in half would mean the deficit would still be the highest in history except this year? ROTFL

We are overloaded with short term problems. One of them is that we are in a war with Islamo-fascists and Barack Obama thinks he can talk these people out of wanting us destroyed. Certainly he does not want to take on that little task next. No, a much better plan for him is to talk about his goals for the long term future. Let us all just ignore reality and muse about what he truly plans to do long term. Our enemies will be delighted.

Pay your taxes or go to prison! Only my cabinet gets to ignore the tax laws.

The only thing in his plan you can believe is that he will tax the most productive members of our society to provide welfare for minorities. That has been his motivation since he was a community agitator.


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