Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Untangling The Spaghetti

by Mark Steyn - August 11th, 2009 - National Review

What’s the end-game here? I suppose it’s conceivable that there are a few remaining suckers out there who still believe Barack Obama is the great post-partisan, fiscally responsible, pragmatic centrist he played so beguilingly just a year ago. The New York Times’ David Brooks stuck it out longer than most: Only a few [issues] back, he was giddy with excitement over the President’s “education” “reforms” (whatever they were). But now he says we’re in “the early stages of the liberal suicide march”. For a famously moderate moderate, Mr Brooks seems to have gone from irrational optimism over the Democrats’ victory to irrational optimism over the Democrats’ impending downfall without the intervening stage of rational pessimism.

The end-game is very obvious. If you expand the bureaucratic class and you expand the dependent class, you can put together a permanent electoral majority.

Barack Obama is the most deceitful politician we have ever seen in a profession that is known for deceit. That he was allowed by the majority of our nation to pose as post racial after attending for 20 years the white hating black liberation theology church of Jeremiah Wright, proves that a great number of the students produced by our failed school system over the last 40 years cannot reason.

However the reality that Obama is a racist is the one reality that Mark Steyn still cannot state out loud. Anyone who points out what a racist bigot Obama is will still be denounced on the national stage. Even here in the Inner Banks, most people are afraid to point out Obama's racism. It is politically incorrect to do so and that politically incorrect label still has the power to destroy.

That is the real trauma that Obama's election points out. Truth has become unacceptable in America to the liberal elite. Al Gore can write a book based on the fraud of a single computer program that "predicts" a hockey stick increase in temperatures and no facts will ever be allowed to dispute the fraud, certainly not the program being proved a fraud. Truth is denied. Truth is not just denied but denounced if it disagrees with the politically correct view.

Another politically correct truth? Obama cannot be called racist because only whites can be racist. He can be totally dedicated to special privilege for himself and other blacks but you can't call that racism. Obama can appoint honkey hating Al Sharpton to his campaign committee but that is not racism. Obama can laud anti American Louis Farrakhan but that is not racism. Obama can listen to 20 years of white hate in his weekly visits to Jeremiah Wright's church, he can call him his mentor, he can laud him is his autobiography, but that is not racism.

That free pass on lying is now extended to his position on Obama-care and bank bailouts and government stimulus. Just because he promotes the growth of government at the expense of free enterprise, you can't call him socialist. Truth is not allowed.

Steyn calls it spaghetti. Good description for the entangling mess that Obama is creating. In all cases Obama is swamping freedom in his strands of government. A freedom that we may never get back.


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