Saturday, January 21, 2006

How negative is the press really?

The world of blogging is an amazing thing. At no previous time in history could the powers of the press be so easily challenged as in the modern world of the blogosphere. Here is an article, Bad news from Iraq, that criticizes recent news coverage. It is compiled by a consistently conservative Aussie, whose blog site has an ad for Republicans who are looking for other Republicans to date. I don't think there are many Republicans in Australia. At what other time in history could a writer in Australia pay for his writing by selling ads whose only customers are in America?

Moving on to the point of the article, Chrenkoff obviously spent some hours deciphering the data in his Google searches. To have compiled his assessment, he also wrote some fairly complex criteria, obviously based on extensive analysis. He put some thought into this. The result is a really intriguing look at just how biased the press is against America. The data is compelling.

Chrenkoff is worth checking on occasionally, as he has steadfastly reported the good news out of Iraq in the face of the relentlessly negative coverage from the main stream press. He is proof that we have support more widespread than you could imagine, or at least than John Kerry can could imagine.


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