Friday, June 03, 2005

Bush Poised to Nominate Dozens For Judgeships

By Peter Baker - Friday, June 3, 2005 - Washington Post
The Bush administration has been vetting candidates for 30 more federal district and appeals court vacancies that have been left open for months while the Senate battled over previous nominations stalled by Democrats. Now that Democrats have agreed not to filibuster any new candidates except in "extraordinary circumstances," Republicans are eager to test the proposition.

I predict the democrats will not let this happen. Get ready for more unconstitutional fillibusters. The democrats have declared war on the Republican party and will never allow these judges to be approved. Howard Dean has claimed the "Republicans .... have never made an honest living in their lives". This is in addition to his earlier claims that they are "evil" and "brain dead". "Nazi" and fascist" are just two of the terms regularly used to attack Republicans (even though both of these terms describe versions of socialists, not people who espouse free enterpise, an irony lost on the socialists who use the terms).

The number one goal of the democratic party is to assure that judges can make law on their behalf. They have become much more adamant about it now that they are losing elections. They realize that if Republicans control the legislature, the only way to implement their socialist agenda is through the courts. The viciousness of their attacks is driven by the fear that they will lose the ability to legislate from the bench. That this is illegal and undemocratic seems not to bother them at all.


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