Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why Restore Voting Rights To Felons?

To Win Elections!
By David Yepsen - Des Moines Register - June 21st, 2005
There's one reason Gov. Tom Vilsack is issuing a blanket order restoring voting rights to all Iowa felons who've completed their sentences.


It's an attempt to increase the number of Democratic voters in the state, thereby tipping close elections in 2006 and 2008.

In another study of this same issue reported a couple of weeks ago, 93% of felons said they were democrats. It is the reason that Hillary Clinton is backing the same issue, but she wants it for the entire nation. Democrats see criminals as a natural political constituency. They have long been the strongest proponents of our revolving door criminal justice system. They have long been the strongest proponents of limiting the ability of courts to order restitution to the victims. And they have long been the strongest proponents of letting anyone vote who wants to vote, even illegal aliens.

The only people democrats oppose having the right to vote (as proved by their lawsuits against them in Florida) are American citizens who are serving in the armed forces of our nation. I wonder why?


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