Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Joe Wilson's Earlier Mission To Niger

by Clarice Feldman - November 17th, 2005 - The American Thinker

Not much commented on is the fact that in 1999, according to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Joseph A. Wilson IV made another trip to Niger, a trip also paid for by the CIA and for which he was chosen upon the recommendation of his wife, Valerie Plame.

This story is starting to get interesting. We now know that Joe Wilson twice was chosen by the CIA to go to Niger, once before the rumor about "yellowcake" started. This article links to a blogger who has uncovered links between Joe Wilson and Al Qeada, Joe Wilson and the U.N. WMD commission and Joe Wilson and earlier efforts by the CIA. There have long been suspicious things about this entire bizarre attack.

Why is it that Joe Wilson never had to sign the non-disclosure agreement that every other person investigating for the CIA has to sign?

Why did he not have to clear his story with the CIA, an act that is unrelated to signing the waiver?

Why is it that the numerous proven acts of Joe Wilson discussing his wifes CIA position never make it into any of the articles by the MSM?

Why is it that George Tenet's assurance to everyone that the WMD issue was a "slam dunk" never get coverage in the MSM?

Now there are suspicions that Joe Wilson may have seen the fraudulent documents that he referenced having seen, before he could have seen them in American hands. Is this because he is a French double agent and was thus part of the set up by France to embarrass George Bush?

Are he and his wife agents of a foreign power? Double agents in effect? He and his wife certainly live a life of money and privilege that cannot be supported by their known income.

The democratic party clearly knows what is going on. Why else are so many democrats working so hard to make sure that Joe Wilson is never allowed to testify to congress?


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