Monday, December 05, 2005

Journalism's Moral Collapse

by Ralph Peters - December 5, 2005 - New York Post

Three decades ago, two young reporters became the story and crippled American journalism.

Budding yuppies who avoided inconvenient service to the state needed heroes they could call their own. And they got them.

Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman played Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on-screen. It was as if Mike Bloomberg was portrayed by Brad Pitt. Overnight, journalism became an upwardly mobile profession — and our country is much the worse for it.

In place of the old healthy skepticism, we have arrogant cynicism. The highest echelons of the media and government became preserves for America's most-privileged. An Ivy League degree was the ticket to a reporting job on a major daily. And incest produced the usual ugly results.

"Mainstream" newspapers lost touch with American workers because the new breed of journalists didn't know any workers.

This is one of two articles published today that address one of the most serious issues facing our nation, the imminent collapse of representative democracy caused by the collapse of an unbiased press. The democratic party and the main stream media have both become aligned with global socialists who are dedicated to ending American capitalism. To do that though they argue that America is evil. Representative democracy is not meaningful when one party rule is the reality and our nation is the target.

The second article follows:

"When Press Is Paid To Lie,

The Truth Always Comes Out"
by Clarence Page - December 5, 2005 - Chicago Tribune

When I heard that our government has secretly paid Iraqi reporters and newspapers to report good news about the war, it only made me wonder how bad the real news must be.

That's the trouble with pay-for-good-press schemes; The truth has a nagging little way of coming out, causing more damage than the chicanery gained.

This second attack from a proponent of global socialism is incredibly devious. Clarence Page dances around the fact that he has not found a single incident of the military paying for anything but the truth. Instead he puts together a duplicitous argument that essentially relies on the unproved premise that if you pay for good news that does not follow the MSM line that America is evil, it must be presumed false.

Both articles are must reads. And both articles support the same premise. Today's MSM press is the enemy of our nation, and they are aligned with a political party that is controled by enemies of our nation. It is difficult to maintain a viable two party system when one party controls the press.

At this point in history we have a strong economy and are winning a war ten thousand miles from home. The democrats and the press deny both of these truths, and calls anyone who disputes them a liar.


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