Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fred Thompson's Trophy Wife

by Susan Estrich - July 13th, 2007 -

Fred Thompson, would-be presidential candidate, is 64 years old and looks it. His wife, Jeri, is two years younger than one of his daughters and looks even younger than her 40 years.

They have had two babies together since they married in 2002.

Does it matter?

Trophy wife? What garbage. This attack on Jeri Thompson has been going on for over a month now. It reminds me of the recent left wing attacks on Ann Coulter. Elle magazine asked Alec Baldwin in a tasteless interview "Would you rather sleep with Ann Coulter or Dianne Feinstein?"

"I gotta go with Feinstein," Baldwin answers. "With Coulter, we'd have sex and I'd have to jump out the window."

Coulter's response, typical Ann funny, "That's the only reason I can think of for wanting to have sex with Alec Baldwin."

The liberal blogs and the Main Stream Media (MSM) have been working overtime attacking Fred Thompson's wife, completely ignoring the fact that she was a very accomplished woman before she married Fred. Jeri Thompson is very smart. She's been a political consultant and has worked in top positions with major firms for years afer establishing her credentials as a successful lawyer. She worked as an aide in the Senate and at the Republican National Committee, highly respected positions. Also ignored, Fred Thompson is Jeri's first and only husband. They dated for years before they married, and Fred and his first wife had been divorced for over a decade before he started dating Jeri. Fred Thompson calls her his life partner and they are known to be very close.

You would not know these things from the attacks by liberal commentators, including this article I quoted from above by Susan Estrich. Estrich's comments are only slightly less outrageous than Josh Marshall's recent "poledancer" reference, an unfounded comment equating Jeri to a stripper, also attributed to Joe Scarborough in a statement that Ms. Thompson "works the pole". . . and even the equally outrageous constantly repeated reference to Jeri as a "trophy wife", implying she has nothing but looks. Such comtemptible comments by any conservative member of the press about a Democrat would get a person fired. It has gotten almost no reaction since Jeri Thompson is a Republican.

It should be noted that every article about Jeri includes a picture of the very photogenic Ms. Thompson. Here are just a few of the photos that have accompanied recent articles.

Jeri Thompson is attractive and openly devoted to her husband. Does that negate her accomplishments? Or more important, does that say anything negative about Fred Thompson? That, after all, is what these attacks are really about. Smearing Jeri Thompson in order to smear Fred Thompson.


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