Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top News Story: Virginia Tech Killings

David Crary - December 20th, 2007 - Yahoo News (Associated Press)

NEW YORK - The massacre of 32 people at Virginia Tech by a mentally disturbed student gunman was chosen the top story of 2007 by U.S. editors and news directors in The Associated Press' annual vote.

The rampage, which prompted colleges nationwide to reassess their emergency response systems, received 82 first-place votes out of 271 ballots cast for the top 10 stories.

The mortgage crisis, which roiled the U.S. housing market, was the No. 2 story, and the war in Iraq placed third.

Is there any reason to doubt the irrelevance of the MSM? Like my story below on Rielle Hunter, their choices of top news stories for the year is proof positive the MSM is biased against our nation. Our political campaign to choose the most powerful leader in the world is considered to be the eighth most important story. What? Well of course the democrats are not looking too good in their campaign, so lets not make too big a deal about that story, right?

The Iraq front in the war with the Islamo-fascists is story number three? Of course it is not number one since we are doing so well they cannot portray this as America losing. Therefore the MSM has lost interest in that story too.

My favorite part of the story?
Among stories about pop culture celebrities, the saga surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith got the most votes, finishing in 32nd place ahead of such stories as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the departure of Tony Blair as British prime minister, and the military crackdown in Myanmar.

"Anyone who picks the Anna Nicole Smith story in the Top Ten should be beaten with sticks," commented Mike Bailey, managing editor of The Courier News in Elgin, Ill.

Mr. Bailey, I agree! However I am not sure anything about the voting results reflects favorably on your industry.


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