Monday, February 25, 2008

Howard Dean To Ask If McCain Is Breaking Campaign Finance Law

by Staff - February 24th, 2008 - ABC News

Dean accused McCain of breaking the very campaign finance law he championed in the U.S. Senate. "He has made a career out of posing as a reformer. And the truth is that his reforms that he's proposed are for everybody but him."

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers responded to the DNC's press conference by pointing to Dean's own actions when he ran for president in 2003. "Howard Dean’s hypocrisy is breathtaking given that in 2003 he withdrew from the matching funds system in exactly the same way that John McCain is doing today."

I love it. Here are two hypocrits on public financing fighting a battle over the idiocy of the system each has lauded when they wanted to feel superior about their so-called opposition to corruption.

As much as I have come to accept that John McCain is the best alternative of the finalists in this Presidential campaign, and have thus rallied to support him, I cannot avoid a degree of amusement at his current predicament. Abandoning free speech and implementation of a federal elections commission to regulate who can say what in a campaign was always an evil proposal. Since McCain was so self righteous in his belief in this system, it is vindication that he is now the target of the very regulators that he empowered.

In a related issue, even getting a vote to allow him to not be held to the limits of bureacratic oversight is being blocked by his chief rival at this point, Barack Obama. Click here for an explanation of how Obama is using the undemocratic process by which a Senator can block a President's nominee to keep McCain from getting a vote to allow him to opt out of the outrageous restrictions on freedom which the current law represents.

If McCain loses as a result of this idiocy, he cannot blame anyone else.



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