Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let Colombia Win

Editorial - March 3rd, 2008 - Investor's Business Daily

Some city in the world owes thanks to Colombia, which on Saturday blew away a terrorist seeking uranium for a nuclear bomb. Instead of thanks, we see only fury at Colombia over its incursion into Ecuador.

Hugo Chavez sends $300 million to a revolutionary movement in a neighboring country and Europe does not believe that the neighboring country has the right to retaliate. Just as the world's liberals hold America to a different standard, they are holding Columbia to a ridiculous standard. Columbia is not allowed to defend itself if the forces attacking them hide in a neighboring country. Why?

Just as liberals were outraged that America would believe we could go in to North Korea or North Vietnam, liberals are outraged that Columbia would not play by the new double standard rules. National borders are inviolate . . . unless you are speading socialism. Free democracies which embrace capitlism must never go to war. I do not believe that this double standard is accidental. I believe that liberals want free enterprise to be ended and they defend convoluted rules to assure that socialist movements utlimately win the current struggle to control the governments of the world.

It cannot be an accident that they always admire Gorbachev, Castro, al Assad, Chavez, Che Guevara and other socialist dictators or revolutionaries . . . even people like Saddam Hussein is praised by socialists.

We MUST support Columbia. Liberals will scream that we are getting involved in a war that we don't belong in, but I disagree. The war is about freedom versus socialism. That is the war of our generation. We are in it whether we want to be or not . . . if we want to remain free.


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