Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Truly Endangered Species

by Frank J. Gaffney Jr. - April 1st, 2008 - The Washington Times

If man-made greenhouse gases actually are affecting climate change, it will be decades — if not a century — before the effects of such changes translate into widespread dangers to mankind.

In the meantime, the world is increasingly at risk from a far more imminent threat, one Mr. Gore and his ilk seem content to ignore. In fact, the caviling about global warming can be seen as a deflection from a menace that is at hand and that risks turning vast human populations into endangered species: the rapidly metastasizing, totalitarian ideology of our time that has come to be known as Islamofascism or, alternatively, Islamism.

If man-made greenhouse gases are affecting climate change, there would be more evidence than the case that has been made by its advocates to date. Comparing this willingness to believe a potential disaster, global warming, is about to destroy us, while a real disaster, Islamofascism is threatening us and being ignored by the same people, does pose an interesting question.

What is the agenda of the people advocating the two incompatible assessments?

I remain concerned by the chicken little assessment of people who believe in the religion of global warming. We have not yet reached the temperatures of the period known as the "renaissance". That was a great period for mankind as the warmer temperatures made for a longer growing season that resulted in more food and greater ease for all of mankind. Life was better as a result of the higher temperatures. Why were higher temperatures good for mankind then but these people are convinced that this time they will be a disaster? Do we not learn anything from history?

Also it is clear that Mars is experiencing higher temperatures. Why are these people so sure that it has to be caused by a different reason? Why are they positive that higher temperatures on Mars are unrelated to higher temperatures on Earth?

To believe in man made global warming requires that you reject any evidence that conflicts with your conclusion. That is the main reason that global warming believers are so quick to denigrate anyone who does not buy their theory. Their belief is shaky at best.

Conversely, these same global warming believers are convinced that the Islamo-fascists are not being honest when they state the causes of their desire to rule the Earth and inflict Sharia law on all of us. They insist that it is not really a religious commitment from their prophet. The global warming believers insist we are causing these people to hate us by defending ourselves and if we just stop using their oil and become a peace loving nation, bring our troops home now, the Islamo-fascists will leave us alone too.

It is interesting that both beliefs are held by people who are also committed to a form of government that has always failed. Socialism has never succeeded anywhere. However the same people who advocate a major government effort to overcome the suspect agenda of radical resistance to an unproven global warming theory, and who advocate stopping military resistance to Islamo-fascism under the premise that we are causing the hatred, are absolute defenders of socialism.

Could they be more dedicated to using these two issues as excuses for political power than concern for the truth of either agenda?

I question their arguments for either position. I also question their motivations.

For those predisposed to believe the "man is causing global warming" hysteria, here is a link to some information that has to end your belief.


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