Friday, July 25, 2008

Mixed Metaphors And Soggy Logic

by - July 25th, 2008 - National Post (Canada)

Obama’s vague language is the product of an unrealistic mind. He denies the reality of conflict — and flinches from the obligations of self-defense. Obama has risen to power by using a soothing cloud of meaningless words to conceal displeasing truths and avoid difficult choices. His more worldly supporters will quietly whisper that Obama thinks more incisively than his speeches suggest. Let’s hope so. Yet the speech in Berlin should cause us all to wonder: Maybe Obama’s mind really is as foggy as his language.

I am not sure how foggy his mind is. However it has long been true that Marxists are blinded by their desire for the world to be ruled by a mankind of good wishes that has never existed. It is the reason that socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. Obama is clearly infected with this mindset. The only evil he has room for in his world is the evil of free enterprise. Why worry about the evil of a foreign power when there is someone living on the next street who is rich. He is the evil in the world to Obama. Even if he is poorer than Obama and would only be called middle class by any objective criteria.


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