Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Stevens Verdict

A proud senator falls victim to his sense of entitlement.

Editorial - October 28th, 2008 - Washington Post

We've had our differences over the years with Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, but it was difficult not to feel some sadness yesterday when the 84-year-old Republican was convicted of all seven counts of accepting more than $250,000 in gifts from the head of an Alaska oil services company and others and failing to report them on his Senate financial disclosure forms.

How can anyone feel sadness for someone who has displayed such an arrogant sense of entitlement. Transparency in government is an absolute key to the American form of representative Republic. There was a time when those who served government paid for it out of their own pockets, due to love of our nation. Look at the long list of signers of the Declaration of Independence who lost everything to establish freedom in this amazing nation. How can you write an article that claims someone feels entitled and at the same time say you feel sorry for them?

This article seems to me to be more proof that the people who are considered Main Stream Media (MSM) have spent too much time around fellow "progressive traitors" who wish to destroy the liberty and wealth of the greatest nation on earth. They clearly do not understand the anger of those of us who see Bush, Stevens, Rove, Abramoff and Hastert as an insult to everything that we stand for. The MSM is trying to imply this is want conservatives are like. They are not. Good riddance.


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