Monday, December 29, 2008

Holocaust Sham Slam

by Isabel Vincent - December 28th, 2008 - Associated Press

A Holocaust survivor's amazing tale of romance - hailed by Oprah as "the single greatest love story in 22 years of doing this show" - is an outrageous fabrication, fellow camp survivors and experts told The Post.

Like her fellow con artist, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey is granted exemption from accountability. It is curious how this continues even after her previous examples of gullibility and malpractice. For anyone else, setting up a school she so mismanged that the children were abused would have banned them from public life. For Oprah, the incomepetence is not just ignored, it is held up as an example of her basic "decency".

Oprah was equally gullible when Barack Obama wrote his "autobiography", not waiting until he had actually accomplished anything. That book was as much a con job as this fabricated love story. Oprah of course loved it. Now when it is clear that the person who was Obama's childhood mentor (carefully never named by the "writer") was an active communist, Oprah and Obama simply ingore the attacks. Much else in his biography could not have happened. I don't name the writer because once again there are credible charges that it was not an autobiography but a ghost written con job. Maybe the actual writer did not know what was trued. The fiction that Obama wrote it continues though, so how are we to know?

Hollywood has taken over our society. Barack Obama is a fictional cult hero. His history is as much of a fraud as this holocaust sham. Yet we were unable to stop the publishing of that ealier sham. This time the sham has been cancelled because Herman Rosenblat and his wife have acknowledged what many have been saying since the early drafts failed the credibility test. The pretension that these two met in a concentration camp, the premise upon which their long term marriage was transformed from a good story into a Great Love Story, simply never happened. It is a lie.

Similar problems exist with the Barack Obama saga. The Magic Marxist Messiah is an affirmative action success story. A second rate articulate black man has swaggerred his way into the Presidency because no one, from the gullible Oprah on, has questioned what this man has really accomplished. He is not incompetent. Simply duplicitous. That is what is truly scary.

What we have to worry about is whether the press will ever vet this con man Obama, any better than they have vetted the glory hound Oprah and the other con artists that she has foisted on the world?


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