Thursday, December 11, 2008

War Crimes Trial For Bush?

by Jay Ambrose - December 11th, 2008 - Scripps Howard News Service

It's not that long now until we have a new president, and many on the left and some others are salivating because here's their chance to get George W. Bush, to put him on trial for war crimes, and if doing so tears this nation apart, so what? That's what justice demands, they say.

Actually, it proves what many have said all along. The people who are opposed to George W. Bush are opposed to America. It does not matter to them that we have seen no additional attacks since 9/11. It does not appear to matter to them that we are winning the war against the Islamo-fasicsts. Actually that last is wrong because it does matter to them. They are outraged that we are winning. It is their hatred for America that inspires their hatred for Bush.

I wonder what their position is going to be when the nuclear bombs start going off in American cities. The appeasement of the liberal left will lead inexorably to the nuclear holocaust that we avoided in the cold war. Communism is spreading all over the Western Hemisphere and Islamo-fascism, another socialist economic system, is taking over the middle east. It is absolutely bizarre that America has voted to join the rest of this world in using the most evil economic system ever invented. 100 million people died in socialist states during the 20th Century. I wonder how many Americans will die in the 21st Century before we have a chance to reverse the coming disaster?


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