Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hating Whitey

by Selwyn Duke - February 22nd, 2009 - American Thinker

It is not correct to say that history textbooks, documentaries and entertainment inundate us with stories about slavery and civil rights abuses; no, they inundate us with stories about whites' practice of slavery and abuse of civil rights. There are Hollywood movies such as "Roots" and "Mississippi Burning" but none of note about the Aztecs' or Shaka Zulu's domination of neighboring peoples, or the current African slave trade or Zimbabwean "president" Robert Mugabe's persecution of whites and political opponents. Then, relating the American history guidelines of a prominent textbook publisher, the author of The Language Police, Diane Ravitch, writes:

"European Americans, the guidelines suggest, were uniquely responsible for bigotry and exploitation in all human history."

This philosophy imbues school textbooks. While featured prominently are the sins of whites, others' sins are whitewashed.

There is already growing resentment by white males at the constant insults they have to endure in school. Since all minorities, including women, can castigate white males with impunity, two futures are possible. White males will soon experience serious discrimination. Or white males will fight back and make their persecutors pay.

None of the liberals, black, brown or even white, who are at the lead in denigrating whites have any expectation that the second is possible. They are sure that they are winning the battle of making whites the inferior race and they are smug about it.

This is a well reasoned article that discusses some of the consequences for a continuation of this racist practice.


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