Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Nation Is In Serious Trouble

by Dean Stephens - March 23rd, 2009

Over this weekend, and again this morning, there have been a large number of editorials and opinion pieces that have taken Barack Obama to task for his handling of the financial crisis in our nation. His only meaningful response has been to accuse anyone who is unhappy of being partisan and unfair. George Bush started the bailout scenario is his accusation. That seems to be his only defense of continuing to throw money at the economic meltdown. Its George's fault ...

A truly frightening aspect of this crisis is the number of Obama supporters that keep telling us how intelligent and "cool" Obama is and how that inspires them with the idea that appearing "cool" under crisis is the equivalent of having any clue as to how to solve the problem. To some of us, the "cool" response is an indication that Obama doesn't understand the problem.

Here is an example of the idolatry school of Obama worship:
Two months into Barack Obama’s presidency, the country has seen a man with immense political talent. Calm and calculating, the new president possesses a natural ability to lead and a remarkable degree of emotional intelligence. He’s in control of himself; but is he in control of his party?

Like a swan on water, Obama glides gracefully along the surface while below his kicking never stops. So far, the kicking has hit only Republicans. Not long after assuming office, the president waved and smiled as he entered a Capitol Hill meeting with congressional Republicans. Once the doors were closed, he taunted them that “I won” and then mocked them for listening to Rush Limbaugh.
That might sound great to a partisan Republican hating Democrat. Just exactly how is it supposed to bring us together as a nation to solve this problem? Even so, the article goes on to suggest that Obama might want to confront his base and reach out to Republicans on this. There is that little issue that Democrats may be okay at running government, but they are not noted for understanding how business works. Does anyone expect that Obama would ever do something like chastise his base?

Here is an example of how business is viewing the Obama regime:
There are growing indications that the Obama administration is melting down, unraveling and falling apart. The clearest indication is Barack Obama and his treasury secretary failing to come up with a plan to fix the bank/credit crisis. He is proposing solutions for every social problem ever identified by liberal Democrats, but doesn’t seem to be dealing with what should be his No. 1 priority. The bank fix is supposed to be announced by Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, during this week.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but the early days of the Obama administration will be remembered for his picking NCAA basketball tournament winners, appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and making fun of special needs children — while the American economy is burning.
The conclusion of business is that the Obama regime is simply not up to the task. Even though Tim Geithner is a Republican, he is not a person that anyone in the Republican Party would pick for such a senior strategy position as Treasury Secretary. His expertise is in tactical implementation of well known technical issues within banking. Nothing indicates that Geithner has the creative genius to invent an effective solution to dealing with the current situation. The crisis cries out for someone who can look at the repeated failures of throwing money at the problem and yell "STOP"!

Here Obama pledges, as he once did with his racist pastor, to have total confidence in the tax cheat Geithner:
President Barack Obama told CBS News’ “60 Minutes” yesterday that he still has confidence in his embattled Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, and would refuse his resignation if it were offered. Not only is that clearly the wrong answer concerning the President’s most important cabinet appointment, it is also the latest and most disturbing evidence that the Obama administration is approaching political meltdown.
You cannot believe that he really means it after he has abandoned so many of his supporters in the past. What this pledge means to most people is that Obama must be close to throwing Geithner under the bus. Who then will solve the problems our nation faces?

Here is one respected journalist asking a serious question about his failures:
“You're sitting here. And you're— you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, ‘I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes about money—’ How do you deal with— I mean: explain. . .” [Steve] Kroft [of 60 Minutes] asked at one point.

“Are you punch-drunk?” Kroft [asked].
Let us hope his handling of the crisis to date is not a signal Obama does not have a clue and he is simply going to allow Geithner, and our nation, to twist in the wind.


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