Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take Two Aspirin

And Call Me When Your Cancer Is Stage 4

by Ann Coulter - July 22nd, 2009 -

All the problems with the American health care system come from government intervention, so naturally the Democrats' idea for fixing it is more government intervention. This is like trying to sober up by having another drink.

The reason seeing a doctor is already more like going to the DMV, and less like going to the Apple "Genius Bar," is that the government decided health care was too important to be left to the free market. Yes -- the same free market that has produced such a cornucopia of inexpensive goods and services that, today, even poor people have cell phones and flat-screen TVs.

As a result, it's easier to get your computer fixed than your health. Thanks, government!

There are many who dislike Ann Coulter's rapier wit. I love it. What I have found interesting about Ann's columns is that she always comes up with some explanation of the facts that I never thought of, usually a brilliant analogy or metaphor. She has done it again with health care.

As much as it frustrated me that government is never willing to separate regular health care from exceptional health care, the metaphor of car insurance never came to mind. And yet it is true. The way we treat health care is like demanding that our car insurance cover accidents... and also regular costs like gas, oil and filters... plus reliability problems that warranty would cover like engine replacement, new bateries and trasmission rebuilds. In other words, everything that could happen to your car. Great analogy. Does that type car insurance make sense to you? Would having car insurance pay for your gas really make sense? Has holding a third party liable for warranty ever worked out well? If you think these are reasonable then Obamacare probably makes sense to you as well.


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