Monday, August 03, 2009

Audience Shouts Down Sebelius

... [and] Specter, at Health Care Town Hall in Philadelphia

by Staff - August 3rd, 2009 - Fox News

Among those at odds with the officials touting the $1 trillion, 10-year plan was a woman who earned loud applause when she said she doesn't want Washington interfering with her health care choices.

"I look at this health care plan and I see nothing that is about health or about care. What I see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. Medicaid is broke, Medicare is broke, Social Security is broke and you want us to believe that a government that can't even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run one-seventh of our U.S. economy? No sir, no," she said.

Click here to see the video of the town hall meeting.

Two comments by bloggers sum up my response to Sebelius.

"What a lovely sneer you have Secretary Sebelius." - maryellen

"Ms. Sebelius seems to drip with condescension and crowd contempt." - lazlototh

How can someone get as far in public life as Sebelius has when she so obviously despises the public she is supposed to serve? Even more amazing is that Obama thinks sending her out to sell his program is helping.

I personally think that if my Mom is too old for "elective surgery", as the bill proposes, then all of the people who vote for the proposed bill are too old for "elective office". Vote them out.


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