Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who Needs Data?

by Randall Hoven - December 18th, 2009 - American Thinker

The IPCC's worst-case scenario over the next 100 years is a temperature rise of 4 degrees C (7.2 degrees F) and a sea-level rise of 26 to 59 centimeters (10 to 23 inches). Why would that wipe us out?

The average annual temperature in Memphis, Tennessee is 62.3 degrees F. The temperature of Lexington, Kentucky is 54.9 degrees F. That is a bigger difference than the IPCC's worst-case scenario.

Could mankind handle that kind of adaptation - moving from Memphis to Lexington in the next 100 years?

The hysterical insistence by the chicken little propoonents of global warming is that you must not stop and think. Don't you dare try to understand their data. Just let them rule the world and they will save you. And by THEIR OWN data, they are saving you from the catastrophe of moving from Memphis, Tennessee to Lexington, Kentucky.

That is the worse case scenario of their data. The best case, which is equally likely, means they are saving you from moving from Menphis, Tennessee to the suburbs of Memphis. Oh what a catastrophe. We have to avoid that at all costs!

In other words, it is a SCAM. A Fraud. Because they manpiplate the data to get even that exaggerated claim. Why do you think they are the same people who were trying to convice the world that the risk was global cooling only 40 years ago? Cooling or warming, they don't care. All they want is for you to panic and give them control, of your life, your money and your freedom.

Why would anyone who is not insane do that?


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