Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A knife in Obama's back?

by Jonah Goldberg - March 2nd, 2010 - Los Angeles Times

The president is surrounded by acolytes of the Cult of Obama. They consider him to be a "transformational figure" who need not sully himself with the usual rules of politics. The president himself subscribes to this point of view, rejecting suggestions that he recalibrate his Olympian ambitions.

We have never had a more narcissistic President than Barack Husein Obama, the Magic Marxist Messiah. Without leadership from America, leadership that Obama is incapable of providing, vastly expanded war is rapidly becoming more likely in the Middle East. War is even becoming more likely in Central and South America. Simultaneously Barack Obama is gutting our nuclear capability in a unilateral disarmament race that has our military leadership flabbergasted, and has implemented new rules of engagement that have left our soldiers more exposed to death, empowering the enemy to kill and maime our own troops. These are the actions of an inexperienced and arrogant amateur.

On domestic affairs, Obama charges ahead against all public opinion to pass unpopular health care and cap-and-tax legislation that can only be the first steps in implementing a socialist control of our economy - the accustation of which he blithely dismisses as paranoia on the part of his political opposition. Yet no one has ever seen such indifference to public opinion as Obama displays in charging forward with his Cloward-Pliven strategy.

This article notes that at least one Democrat faction, including Obama's own chief of staff, is starting to separate themselves from his actions and goals. The warning is that Democrats must return to reality. Obama is headed down a road of self righteous indifference to public opinion that will either gut his Presidency or lead to a major Constitutional crisis - or both.


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