Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Middle Ground Is Disappearing

by David Warren - April 3rd, 2010 - The Ottawa Citizen

Both [Peggy Noonan and David P. Goldman] see catastrophe coming in the present overreaching of the Obama presidency and the attendant triumphalism that this is spreading through the forces of the Left, internationally.

Both would be dismissed unread as "right wing" by people who use that as a term of abuse. But that abuse necessarily excludes every thoughtful writer. Only those with some sense of history, and of the received, traditional order of things (old-fashioned ideas about freedom and morality and God) have any foundation on which to stand and view the revolution now in progress. Yet there are many, many kinds of "right wing," and one may usefully try to build a composite "counter-revolutionary" view.

The same apocalyptic story is being told from the other side, but in a radically different way. I am personally besieged, as are all other defenders of "Western Civ" of whom I am aware, by people telling us to shut up or actually trying to shut us down. No arguments are offered: only brownshirt sarcasm and smears. ("Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Islamophobe!") Yet I have nowhere been able to find a "left wing" writer who can give a coherent account of where the Left is proposing to take us; of what that Utopian destination of perfect "fairness" and "equality" will be. Or rather, how it would ultimately differ, from the complete extinction of the human race...

My growing despair includes frustration with the fact that the left is still successfully denigrating the right as the source of the violence when they are the primary practitioners and initiators.

I have only one prediction that I have repeated for nearly 3 years, posting it several times on this blog. Tel Aviv and New York will both be destroyed by nuclear bombs. It is coming. When it happens, it will tear this nation apart.

Even if Israel delays that day by taking out the Iran nuclear capability, it will only be a postponement.

Even if conservatives and libertarians and moderates take back the two houses of congress this fall, it will only be a postponement.

This article sums it up better than any other I have seen. We are in a struggle between the culture of life and the culture of death. The battle, when it starts, will be bloody.

Sometimes there is no middle ground.


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