Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Palin And The Leftist Elites

by Mark W. Hendrickson - May 4th, 2010 - American Thinker

We can draw insights about Palin's significance in America today from a trio of three markedly disparate historical figures: Ronald Reagan, the late Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, and the Gospel of Matthew's King Herod. The connection between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan is fairly simple and straightforward. They share conservative convictions and a special gift of communication. Palin is reminiscent of Reagan in the way she resonates, inspires, and energizes conservatives.

Less apparent are the links that may be drawn between Palin and the long-departed Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises -- and Palin and the much-longer-ago-departed King Herod.

This is good. Mark Hendrickson has provided a simple set of analogies and tied them together with clear logic to explain the hatred of Sarah Palin. I am intrigued by his use of Herod to describe the desire to stop Palin. The need by the anointed to destroy anyone who disagrees with them early on before they can gain popularity and momentum is certainly similar in motivation to Herod's desire to kill as a child anyone who might threaten him as king.


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