Sunday, June 13, 2010

Action - Not Words

I continuously get nasty emails about my use of the term "naive buffoon" to describe the Magic Marxist Messiah, yet I feel it is well justified. As an example take the incompetence he has shown in foreign affairs. His appeasement positions have been disasters. It is all about words and talking. It is not actions that matter to Obama.

Another example is the recent disaster in the gulf oil spill. From day one Obama has been busy making political points when action was needed. Some of those actions would have been to forget about who was at fault and protect our coast. That hasn't happened and never will.

How many people are aware that 13 countries sent boats that could pump up the oil and either burn it off, store it, or treat it with molecules that would render it harmless? They were sent to America to help control the disaster. NOT ONE was allowed to help the gulf coast avoid the consequences of the oil spill. Why? Because Barack Obama cares more about rules to protect his union buddies. There is a law called the Jones Act that makes it illegal for boats not staffed with union workers from the local union to "work" in coastal waters. Bush waived the Jones Act immediately during Kristina so foreign vessels could help with the disaster. To date Obama still refuses to allow these vessels to do anything to help. They sit there unused. Wasted. It would annoy his political supporters in the unions to allow them to help. Plus he really doesn't seem to care about anything except making sure he is not blamed.

When local officials wanted to build sand berms to protect fragile ecosystems, the Army Corps of Engineers insisted that they had to do an environmental study before they could allow this. Obama again could not be bothered to waive the regulations and get the berms built. A month passed and it became moot as the oil surged into the fragile coastal areas. Obama would not waive the rules for a simple reason. It would annoy his political supporters in the environmental movement. Plus he really doesn't seem to care about anything except making sure he is not blamed.

A major manufacturer of oil booms located in Maine can provide millions of yards of such booms, much ready to go and huge inventories of raw materials to produce as much as needed. They could have had a major effect on corralling the oil and keeping it from the coast line. Obama will not allow the federal funds available for such crisis mitigation to be spent. Obama officials insist that it is not important that the coast be protected. It is important that BP be made to take these acts on their own and that BP follow "testing" procedures for any booms they use. Plus Obama really doesn't seem to care about anything except making sure he is not blamed.

Obama has not done anything to indicate he truly wants to reduce the impact of the disaster. For him it is not action. It is words. He has already started campaigning for the Cap-and-tax bill that was originally justified on the nonsense of global warming. That bill was dead until the new strategy became clear. Pass it to protect against big-oil and their horrible oil spill disasters. Forget whether the disaster is bigger than it should be because Obama did nothing. Obama really doesn't seem to care about anything except making sure he is not blamed.

Obama is still following the game plan of Cloward-Piven. If you have not heard of these two socialist professors and their plan to destroy America, you better read fast. Pretty soon it will be too late and America will no longer exist. Obama is a master at following their strategy. It is their strategy he is following by not taking action in the gulf oil spill. Let the problem fester so the people look to government to save them. Yeah. That will work.


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