Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Obama Doctrine

Marching That Long Gray Line Into A Gray Fog

by Ken Blackwell - May 31st, 2010 - Big Government

What is the state of our alliance with Great Britain today? Obama famously stiffed Prime Minister Gordon Brown, denying him not only a State Dinner, but even a joint press conference. Similarly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was whisked around Washington, D.C. in a sealed limousine with motorcycle escort. If it were not for the Israeli flag bravely waving from the hood of his automobile, you might have thought he was a captured terrorist. How do the Poles and Czechs feel about Obama’s “steadfastness?” He vetoed their anti-missile defense systems without so much as a Rose Garden sendoff. He sent Hillary Clinton to Ottawa, where she insulted Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative government in its own capital. But he made up for it when he invited Mexico’s Felipe Calderon to come to Washington to insult us in our own capital.

Strengthening old alliances? How about shredding them? He stood by while Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Brazil’s President Lula da Silva dealt with Iran’s murderous mullahs...

The Barack Obama speech at West Point is a fatuous explanation of all of his mistaken ideas that are destroying the nation we once knew. Obama actually brags about subordinating our government to global alliances, destroying free enterprise with the claim of fixing it, and limiting our own power so we are dependent on others as the way to strengthen us. No one understands what Obama means because his words are flowing and rapturous yet so subject to double meanings.

What we now must fear is that we will not be able to remove him from office before he permanently destroys everything that we hold dear. That includes the freedom that was bought with the death of so many who preceded the officers at West Point to whom he was speaking. I wonder what they were thinking as he expressed these inane thoughts.


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