Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck 8/28 Rally:
It's A Matter Of Honor

by Alveda King - August 26th, 2010 - Christian Science Monitor

In front of the Lincoln Memorial in June, a group of students caught up in a moment of spontaneous patriotism broke into song. But the US Park Police were quick to shush the members of the Young America’s Foundation, saying singing is not allowed at the memorial. The song that was stifled? “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

So much for freedom of speech.

At the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta this July, an official at the memorial to one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the world – my Uncle Martin – removed a bullhorn from the hands of Father Frank Pavone, an internationally recognized leader of the pro-life movement. We were a group more than 100 strong, in Atlanta to declare that abortion is the greatest violation of civil rights in our day. We brought a wreath to lay at Uncle Martin’s grave while we prayed, but due to a King Center official’s barricade at the gravesite, we weren’t allowed. The National Park Service said that would constitute a demonstration.

So much for freedom of assembly.

Americans are hungry to reclaim the symbols of our liberty, hard won by an unlikely group of outnumbered, outgunned, underfunded patriots determined not to live in servitude to the British Empire. If we want to sing the national anthem at a memorial to the man who led this fledgling nation out of slavery, and made my people free, we should be able to send our voices soaring to the heavens.

Glenn Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor” this Saturday will give us that chance, and that’s why I feel it’s important for me to be there.

It is tiresome to constantly be rebuked by the race-baitors that Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech belongs only to those who hate America. There are some things we need to agree on. One important thing? It is time to end the racist dialog from Democrats. It is time to actually start living King's dream. That will only start when the left stops hurling insults and demanding that those who love our nation "shut up" until it is perfect. However that is not going to happen until it is embarrassing for them to try. Even some on the left are starting to see that.


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