Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Obamacare Only Looks Worse
Upon Further Review

by Kevin Hassett - August 1st, 2010 - Bloomberg News

One of the more illuminating remarks during the health-care debate in Congress came when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told an audience that Democrats would “pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it, away from the fog of controversy.”

That remark captured the truth that, while many Americans have a vague sense that something bad is happening to their health care, few if any understand exactly what the law does.


So Democrats streamlined the process by granting Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the authority to make judgments that can’t be challenged either administratively or through the courts.

This monarchical protection from challenges is extended as well to the development of new patient-care models under Obama’s controversial recess appointment, Donald Berwick...

The real problem with ObamaCare is the tyrannical control of our lives that has been built into the law. Obama appointees have been exempted from the courts, or any other challenge to their power. Liberty is a thing of the past. What is truly the result of the bill is that Obama will take what tax money he wants and give it to whoever he wants to provide services. Just imagine the way the bond holders felt whose legal rights were quashed to grant billions to the United Auto Workers in the corrupt bankruptcy rulings obtained by Obama against GM and Chrysler. That is about to happen to all citizens on a monumental scale.

If you are a Republican, forget getting medical services. If you are poor or black (or both) or a union member or part of some other favored progressive special interest group you will get services that are denied to others. This is political payback never seen before in America. No nation as rich as America has ever been stupid enough to attempt this kind of redistribution of wealth. It will be the largest redistribution ever seen.

The class and racial hate mongering that is behind this bill is only now coming out. Barack Obama is becoming a dictator at a speed no one could ever have believed, unless they read the autobiographies he wrote. It clearly indicated his totalitarian plans and his extremist agenda. Just because the intentions were couched in obscure language did not mean they were not clear.

Americans who did not read his books are about to learn a horrible lesson.


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