Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Your Dishes
Won't Come Clean Anymore

by Richard Mullins - January 21st, 2011 - Tampa Bay Online

Charles Yezak keeps a secret stash hidden in the kitchen. He can't buy any more. It's illegal in many states now. So he only dips into his stockpile on special occasions.

Not fine wine. Not Cuban cigars. It's dish detergent. Not just any dish detergent.

"This is the stockpile I bought before the changeover," Yezak confesses with a hushed voice while shopping the cleaning supply aisle at a Walmart Neighborhood store in Tampa. "It actually works – not like the new stuff."

Turns out, they really don't make dish detergent like they used to. And that's causing something of a disaster for everyone who gets stuck doing the dishes

Idiot government bureaucrats continue to screw the American people, changing laws for useless and trivial reasons that have little effect and numerous unintended consequences. Like the total lies spread about DDT, these ignorant bans of potassium in dish washing soap will not accomplish their goal. At least this time, banning potassium will not kill millions of children in poor countries, like the DDT ban. However, since less than 3% of the potassium (that causes local problems in a few areas) comes from dishwasing, it will not stop the problem it is intended to stop.

It will simply prove once again, Americans are too stupid and greedy to use common sense any longer. The ban is not in areas where the problem exists but EVERYWHERE! We have turned most of our nation over to idiot Democrats who pass useless feel good legislation. Like the new light bulbs, this is a waste of time and money. It will not matter. These totalitarian idiots have the power and a self righteous belief in their own superiority and nothing that you or I say will stop them. The blood of millions of children dead from malaria for no reason at all will not persuade them to even listen to the stupidity of their goals. Why would dirty dishes influence them?


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