Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Must Remove
Energy Production Obstacles
To Create Jobs

by Rick Perry - October 11th, 2011 - Union Leader (New Hampshire)

Two of the biggest challenges facing the United States are getting people back to work and becoming less dependent on foreign oil from hostile countries.

Unfortunately, the President’s rigid belief that stimulus spending could create private-sector jobs has failed and left us with higher unemployment and skyrocketing debt. His energy policies undermine America’s security by making it more difficult for entrepreneurs and private employers to produce domestic energy resources.

Instead of developing proven U.S. oil and gas resources, Washington has curtailed energy exploration. The Gulf of Mexico restrictions alone have cost up to 12,000 jobs and forced drilling platforms to relocate to other countries.

Like Sarah Palin before him, Rick Perry continues to talk about important issues while his opponents smear him with lies claiming he believes things he has spoken against. They killed Sarah Palin's canidacy. It looks like they have done the same to Rick Perry. Our nation has become a pack of gullible fools, on both the right and the left.


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