Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obama: Arab-American Families Being Rounded Up?

by Lance Fairchok - March 4th, 2008 - The Ameircan Thinker

The bleak fantasy of Arab-American families interred for being Arabs and, of course, for being Muslim is very plausible to the radicals that help write [Obama's] speeches. Senator Obama holds a wretched America in his heart, a country he has no pride in nor wishes to preserve. If his vision starts from failure, where will it end? There is no truth in his words, just as there is no substance. One may speak well, but still speak lies. An Obama presidency would be a disaster.

America is under attack again by the same global socialist conspiracy that gave us Jimmy Carter. It is time for conservatives to recognize the conspiracy and prepare to defeat it. I concur with the conclusion of this article. An Obama presidency would be a disaster for our country. Actually any presidency by a socialist will be a disaster. As noted, we have the example of Jimmy Carter to guide us. The question is, will conservatives wake up soon enough or will they continue to see the McCain candidacy as a glass half empty?


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