Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ex-VP Dick Cheney Outraged
President Bush Didn't Grant
'Scooter' Libby Full Pardon

by Thomas M. Defrank - February 17th, 2009 - Daily News

In the waning days of the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney launched a last-ditch campaign to persuade his boss to pardon Lewis (Scooter) Libby - and was furious when President George W. Bush wouldn't budge.


After repeatedly telling Cheney his mind was made up, Bush became so exasperated with Cheney's persistence he told aides he didn't want to discuss the matter any further. The unsuccessful full-court press left Cheney bitter.

The arrogant "compassionate communist" may be a patriot, but he is deluded about our court system and the constant string of abuses where citizens have their lives destroyed by it. I suspect that if you tried to get George W. Bush to understand what happened to Walter Andre Sharpe Jr., Bush would be too stupid to believe you.

It is that arrogance and blind subservience to the abuses of our court system that leads me to the following conclusion. It would be in our country's interest for the socialist (but patriotic) followers of Bush to see him rot in jail for a few years. That is the reason that I totally support the push by many on the left to prosecute George W. Bush for anything they think constitutes a crime. Bush deserves jail if for no other reason, the contemptible treatment he gave to Scooter Libby and Ramos-Compean.

I am totally opposed to ever forgiving this man for the outrageous damage he did to America, the Republican Party, and the libertarian-conservative movement. He may be a patriot, but on every other measure he is a liar and a con artist.


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