Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama ... LIED!

Obama told Idahoans he wouldn't take away their guns.

He lied.

by Clayton Cramer - February 22nd, 2009 - Idaho Statesman

Remember back in February 2008 when President Obama came to Boise and spoke at a big rally? He made a big point of saying, "I won't take away your guns," because those nasty, dishonest Republicans were saying that Obama was going to do that.

It sure didn't take long for Obama to reveal his intentions. The afternoon of the inauguration, the White House Web site's Urban Policy page admitted ... "Obama also favor[s] ... making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent."


The assault weapons ban, however, is clearly an attempt to take away guns. It is not an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; convicted felons can't legally possess a gun or ammunition. It is an attempt to disarm law-abiding adults of the one category of firearm most clearly protected by the Second Amendment - those that would be suitable for overthrowing a tyrannical government.

The only lesson that should have been learned by American citizens about Barack Obama is the one lesson that no one seems to have paid any attention to. Barack Obama trained ACORN socialist community organizers-agitators on the need to follow Alinsky. That philosophy teaches that you must lie to the people to hide your true intentions. Deceit and duplicity are the tools of Alinsky. Smearing your opposition with lies and constant attacks. Also the technique of setting up a straw man position for your opposition, attributing the most evil intentions with no support for the claims. Barack Obama is the master of these tools as he proved with his "state of the union message".

This is proved by the article here covering his new Attorney General promising to get this gun ban passed "very soon".

When will that lesson on deceit sink in to the idiots who support Obama? He lies with the poise of a master con artist.


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