Friday, November 02, 2012

Racist Rant By Obama's
2009 Inauguration Preacher

by Ben Shaprio - October 31st, 2012 - Breitbart

[Dr. Joseph] Lowery blasted blacks who didn’t bother showing up to the polls for Obama in 2008. “I don't know what kind of a nigger wouldn't vote with a black man running. All that he did with the stimulus was genius. Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney."

He also said that when he was younger, he thought all white people were going to hell. Then he “mellowed and just said most of them were.” Now, the Reporter said, Lowery said he’s back to his original view. All white people are going to hell.

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Barack Obama's new preacher, the one he started relying on after Jeremiah Wright exploded with his "God Damn America" rant, is just as racist as his old preacher.


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