Friday, March 02, 2012

History Never Quite Ends

by Victor Davis Hanson - March 1st, 20122 -

The European Union and the United Nations, as well as globalization and advanced technology, were all supposed to trump age-old cultural, geographical and national differences and bring people together.

But for all the high-tech veneer of the 21st century, the world still looks a lot like it did during the last hundred years and well before that.

The brilliant writer, Victor Davis Hanson, is an equally brilliant historian. The problem with America today is that few of our leaders have studied history, nor do they understand it. There are predictable trends that cannot be ignored. Islam is, without question, the latest tyrannical system that allows the power hungry parts of humanity to justify their hunger for power and control over others.

Few Americans want to deal with this. Thus our leaders, democratically elected, prefer to tell us that this is not our real threat. Abortion is a small threat but it offends us. Thus, many of our leader's would much prefer to talk about abortion than to talk about the nuclear bombs that will soon be controlled by some of the most evil despots who have ever gained power in the world.

Visualize what might well have happened in World War II if Hitler had gotten the Atomic bomb first! That is the world in which we will soon live. Why do so few seem to care?

As Victor Davis Hanson notes, "...all we can do is to keep muddling through, stay vigilant, and hope for the best while preparing for the worst." Yet we have elected a President who is adamantly opposed to preparing for the worst. The American people have decided that the wishful thinking of the League of Nations is preferable to diverting any money from living happy to preparing to stay free. That will lead to only one disastrous result.


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