Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poll: Ronald Reagan
Named Best President

--- Since World War II

Ranks Second all time among the top three, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George Washington

by Staff - February 2012 - KMAS News Radio

On the flip-side, George W. Bush and Barack Obama were neck-and-neck for the "Worst president since World War II" title. Twenty-seven percent of respondents said Bush was at the bottom of the pack...

The significance of this complete denigration of George W. Bush is the current candidacy of Rick Santorum, heir apparent to the big government, wasteful spending, ignore the people arrogance of "compassionate conservatism" which Bush and Karl Rove invented. Santorum is leading the pack among social-conservative-dominated Republican voters in the current primary campaign. I predict that like "W", Santorum's sanctimony and arrogance will not wear well, even if he wins. "W" is still adored by social conservatives and nothing he did is permitted to be criticized. They gave us Bush and it looks like they are about to give us another pious big government progressive as the so called "conservative leader". They are positive that opposing abortion is the only issue you have to agree on to make you a "conservative" and they are destroying the Party of small government in the process.

Social conservatives are not conservatives.


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