Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time To Purge
The Republican Party

by Ben Shapiro - January 18th, 2012 =

The Republican Party is about to nominate Mitt Romney because it is a party in crisis. Instead of focusing on... Barack Obama -- Republicans are idiotically focusing on their internal differences. Unlike the Democratic Party, which is largely united around certain key issues... the Republican Party is all over the place. The Republican Party includes high-tax deficit hawks, and it includes low-tax supply-siders. It includes high-spending compassionate conservatives, and it includes low-spending small government types. It includes pro-gay marriage libertarians and pro-traditional marriage religious voters. It includes hard-line, anti-immigration believers and open-borders free marketers. It includes Ron Paul isolationists, George W. Bush Wilsonians and everything in between.

The Republican Party includes passionate supporters of free enterprise who defend small business while at the same time the party also includes the crony capitalist faction of Wall Street who promote the socialism of big corporations and government regulatory control.

With so much internal discord, it is no surprise that Democrats win elections even as Republicans exist in greater numbers. It is also the reason that so many independents are former Republicans who have tired of the internal Party conflict.

I am not sure how Shapiro thinks purging our ranks is a good thing, but I can certainly see how he has arrived at the idea.


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