Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama's Kansas Declaration

"Free enterprise has never worked!"

by J.K. Gregg - December 8th, 2011 - American Thinker

Thomas Jefferson, in drafting the Declaration of Independence, enshrined a particular political philosophy congruent with man's nature; that individuals were, by right of their nature as rational animals, endowed with inalienable rights to the destiny of their own lives. From that axiom grew corollaries like the right to be free of compulsion (liberty), to engage life as one sees fit (happiness), and to keep that which was rightfully earned (property). Thus, "government was instituted among men" for no other reason than to defend man's natural right to his own life from any corner that may wish to infringe upon it. It was with this philosophical understanding that government was inconsequential to all rights-respecting individuals who kept to themselves or made voluntary agreements with their neighbors. Government's role was negative in nature; to stop injustice, so justice itself could remain.

I do not believe anyone has ever summed up the basic concept of American freedom better than J.K. Gregg has done in the paragraph above.

What is sad is how Democrats have perverted this magnificent concept. As Obama has proved repeatedly with his apology tours around the world - he rejects the idea this concept has led to the greatest nation on earth. From government being limited to protecting us from the aggression of our neighbors, Democrats have embraced the idea that our neighbors do not have to take from us directly. Democrats can vote to have government take our property from us and give it to them just because we meet their criteria of "better off". This presumes a completely different definition of liberty than America was founded on.

This right to steal from us is based on the premise that if we have something, it is only logical to presume that we did not create or earn it ourselves, we must have stolen what we have from others. No test is permitted to determine if what we have was earned fairly by working more productively, using greater intelligence, studying to understand the world better or working longer hours.

None of this is relevant. If we have more than our neighbor, Democrats believe democracy justifies voting to take it from us to satisfy our neighbors envy. The voting process of democracy supersedes any requirement to recognize our natural rights that are the basis of our freedom. In Obama's America, freedom from 'inferiority of results' is the only freedom permitted.


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