Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alice In Liberal Land

by Thomas Sowell - November 22, 2011 - Townhall.com

"Alice in Wonderland" was written by a professor who also wrote a book on symbolic logic. So it is not surprising that Alice encountered not only strange behavior in Wonderland, but also strange and illogical reasoning -- of a sort too often found in the real world, and which a logician would be very much aware of.

If Alice could visit the world of liberal rhetoric and assumptions today, she might find similarly illogical and bizarre thinking. But people suffering in the current economy might not find it nearly as entertaining as "Alice in Wonderland."

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the world envisioned by today's liberals is that it is a world where other people just passively accept whatever "change" liberals impose. In the world of Liberal Land, you can just take for granted all the benefits of the existing society, and then simply tack on your new, wonderful ideas that will make things better.

Casual dismissal of unintended consequences never seems to bother liberals. For one thing, they never accept them as something for which they can be held accountable or have the least responsibility. If the world does not work as they wish it, just like Barack Obama, they always insist it is the fault of someone else.

It is George W. Bush's fault (ignoring liberal support for the stimulus and bailout actions he took in his last year). It is the fault of a 'do nothing' congress (ignoring liberals control half the congress as well as the executive branch). It is the fault of Wall Street (ignoring that most on Wall Street are liberals who prefer big government). It is the fault of the Tea Party movement (ignoring the recent Tea Party movement never had anything to do with creating the deficits, or anything else for that matter). Disagree with them and they will go ballistic and scream at you to "wait a minute, this is not my fault!"

Our nation's master philosopher calls it 'illogic'. He explains that it is merely an escape from reality. He is right as usual. It is still an evil process by which liberty is destroyed.


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