Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fed up!

[John] McCain predicts rise of third political party

by Steve Holland and David Alexander - November 8th, 2011 - Reuters

Senator John McCain predicted on Tuesday a third political party will emerge in response to Americans' economic frustrations and said it might as well be called "the Fed-Up Party."

The Republican Party's presidential nominee in 2008 raised the possibility of a third party about a year ago, but his comments on Tuesday suggest he has hardened his views as polls show Americans increasingly disillusioned with Washington politics.

With nearly a third of all political registrations rejecting both major parties, this prediction is not all that surprising. It is clear that the Tea Party movement accomplished a great deal by focusing solely on economic issues that directly affect individual freedom. However that focus is a weakness when the war by Islamo-facists continues and foreign affairs are growing as a crisis that our nation must address.

The George W. Bush solution, nation building, has proved an abject failure. If another party is to succeed, someone must start a movement that develops a coherent plan to survive in a global community that envies our wealth, hates our culture and wants to destroy our nation.

The Tea Party is still supporting a man who is totally naive about foreign affairs, Herman Cain. That is the reason I no longer participate in Tea Party activities. I agree we must change the culture of spend, spend and spend. However that is not by itself enough to matter in a world rapidly heading toward nuclear Armageddon.


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