Friday, October 14, 2011

Is The New World
Order Unraveling?

by Patrick Buchanan - October 13, 2011 - World Net Daily

Through history there have been attempts to unite the world.

The Roman Empire. Catholicism. Islam. The West that ruled much of mankind from Columbus to the mid-20th century. Communism, which conquered half of Europe and Asia but arose and fell in a single century.

With the death of communism and the decline of the West – in relative population and power – Islam has become the largest religion, China the world's emerging superpower and Asia the continent of the future.

Could this still be the Second American Century?

Not the way we are going.

Because so many Americans get outraged when it is pointed out, one fact Buchanan leaves out of his article is that self loathing whites in America are not having children at a rate that will allow them to exist for very long either. Any population growth is among minorities. Neanderthals disappeared with a reproduction rate that was only 2% less than Homo Sapiens. History is a brutal lesson and those who will not learn it cease to exist.

White Americans have become so enamored of the belief that they have no rights, that they have already surrendered to the destruction of the white race. The "way we are going" - as Buchanan so delicately put it - is the path to extinction.


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