Friday, October 14, 2011

Get Ready For
'The Return Of The
Great Depression'

We're in 'early stages of ongoing economic contraction of massive proportions'

Advertisement for the Book of the same name.

It's finally become apparent to just about everybody: Despite continual, half-hearted cheerleading from politicians and the media, there is no economic recovery anywhere in sight.

To be prepared for what may well be coming our way economically, consider the remarkable insights of the analyst who seven years ago predicted that the collapse of the housing and credit markets would shake the very foundations of the global financial system. In fact, today only, WND readers can get an autographed, hardcover copy of Vox Day's acclaimed new blockbustter "The Return of the Great Depression"...

It is an ad, yet after reading the book I doubt the ad exaggerates. At the very least it explains why it is time that Republicans abandon their delusion that the Wall Street of today represents free enterprise.


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