Friday, October 21, 2011

Cain Adds to ‘9-9-9’ Plan...

... Angering Unions

by James Rosen - October 20th, 2011 - Fox News

Taking aim at minimum wage laws, union protections, and even local building codes, Herman Cain has put the finishing touches on the last missing piece of his signature “9-9-9” plan – an elaborate proposal to create “opportunity zones” in inner-city America that the GOP presidential candidate will unveil during a major campaign appearance in Detroit on Friday morning.

The article implies that unions will be unhappy with the plan. My take is that only a Republican who is also an idiot will be happy with Cain's proposal (assuming he does not change it again). Read this sentence from the article and think for a moment.
"The document envisions Stakeholder Leadership Teams, comprised of entrepreneurs, trade groups, community leaders and church elders, forming in a “respectable number” of zones across America, each responsible for submitting detailed plans to “the highest levels” of the Commerce Department and the White House on how they would reduce “barriers” to economic growth."
What free enterprise supporter would envision proposing special zones totally at the control of government bureaucrats who reward some groups and deny others equal treatment under the law? This is free enterprise? What happened to equality? Is Herman Cain as liberal as this big government empowerment plan implies?

He is as naive and gullible as his detractors have suggested if he thinks this is not abusive and un-American. Cain's plan is the proposal of someone who has never been elected to a single office - who does not understand that government is a compromise. As many have said: President is not an entry level job. Herman Cain is not ready for President. He is not ready to be Mayor of a major city.


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